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Referee loses toupee in H.S. basketball game - YouTube

A Kentucky high school basketball official lost his toupee when he caught a pass with his head.

WATCH: Errant pass knocks off high school basketball referee ...

Being a high school sports referee is a pretty thankless job. ... if you're one unlucky Kentucky high school basketball official, you take an errant pass to the dome and lose your toupee in front ...

A High School Basketball Referee Lost His Toupee In Front Of ...

If he caught the toupee before it hit the ground, mayyyyybe nobody notices since the only basketball ref that people came to the gym to see was Joey Crawford and he has been retired for a couple of years now. But once this ref let that mop slip through his fingers, he was sentenced to a life of being Toupee Ref in the district.

VIDEO: High School Ref Gets Toupee Knocked Off by Pass, Has ...

Referee loses toupee in H.S. basketball game / Drew Franklin Officiating basketball is a thankless task. Even the best zebras in the game get razzed, heckled, and accused of bias.

WATCH: Referee loses toupee in Kentucky high school game

An official in a Kentucky high school basketball game had an embarrassing moment when he got caught in the path of a long pass. The ball struck the official in the back of the head, which is embarrassing enough, but it was actually much, much worse than that. Because the ball also knocked off his toupee.

Awkward...referee loses his toupee in a high school ...

An errant pass in a high school basketball game hits a referee in the head. We've seen it happen before, but this time the ball knocked off the toupee of the referee who had to buck up and put that sucker back on as if nothing ever happened.

Watch This High School Basketball Ref Lose His Toupee in ...

In a video shared by Kentucky Sports Radio, a high school referee working a game in Hopkins County, KY suffered a toupee malfunction when a wayward pass hit him in the noggin.

Referee loses toupee in H.S. basketball game : cringe

Referee loses toupee in H.S. basketball game. youtu.be/FfXEEK... If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

WATCH: Referee loses toupee courtesy of errant pass

In a Kentucky high school basketball game between Webster Country and Hopkins County Central, an errant pass took the toupee right off the referee’s head.