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8 Week Bodyweight Strength Program for Basketball Players

vertical jumping ability and lateral movement). We have selected core exercises that train the core in all 3 planes of motion as well as from a variety of angles. For more in depth information on core training, we recommend the Medicine Ball Workouts and On Court Strength Workout PDF’s available at Shop.StrongerTeam.com. Strength Training

Ball Handling/Driving Workout 3.

Post Workout 1) Weak Hand warm up a. Make 5 weakhand reverse layups driving with weakhand from each wing (10 total layups) 7) Post Up Series a. Player spins ball to self in post, then execute a move—make 5 of each move b. Moves (always start midde; right of left block): i. Hook Shot/Turn Around Shot ii. Ball Fake Hook Shot/Turn Around iii.

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week weight training, are strongly encouraged to go on vacation, or train on their own. 3. Offseason 3: (July) Strength training 4x per week, 2x per week SPARQ Training before workouts 1x general conditioning post workout (treadmill sprint work) . Open gym 5-6x per week, athletes individual workouts on their own 4-6x per week. 4.


Players learn proper footwork when making a 90-degree change of direction on the basketball court. Setup: Four lines of players spaced about 12 to 15 feet apart (first at 3-point line left corner, second at lane’s edge, third at other lane’s edge, fourth at three point line right corner). Execution: 1. oach says “ready.” 2.

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joints, I recommend at least 6 months or more of basic weight training prior to incorporating any plyometric exercises. If you would like a strength training workout to follow prior to beginning this vertical jump training workout, check out The Complete Basketball Strength and Speed Program from Hoops U at

PreSeason Training for Basketball: Preparing the athlete for ...

Wednesday’s bike workout is focused on a steady state effort. Using the Airdyne bike as the mode of training, the team has to ride 7 miles and record the time in which it takes them to complete the ride. The approximate time to finish a 7 mile ride is 20 minutes. Again, being specific to the sport of basketball, one half of a

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This PDF lists a complete workout program that perimeter players can use to improve the skills necessary to be effective on the outside. Check out this basketball workout plan. If you play the guard position, this next site is where you need to be. It details workouts uniquely helpful to guards. Check out this basketball workout plan for point guards

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Shooting workout on the next page is a 1 Hour shooting workout – the better players will practice more. With partner(s) – Relocation jump shots – shoot, rebound, pass, relocate… Or 3 man, 2 ball jump shots (1 rebounder, 1 passer, 1 shooter) – shoot 10 at a time. Strength and Quickness. COACH OSBORNE’S SPEED AND STRENGTH TRAINING IN ...


helping a variety of positions on the basketball court. You can incorporate them into the prac-tice plans you had before, or you can use the new practice plans at the end of this volume. Practice plans Basketball practice is a time to build skills and get the team going on the same page. Each player has the opportunity to hone their skills