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170 French Tennis Terms

Common French Tennis Expressions Tu m’as mis la paté (slang) = you really beat me hard Remonter au score = to catch up in the game/to reduce the opponent’s lead Avoir 2 jeux d’avance = to be 2 games ahead Etre le favori = to be the favorite to win To forfeit = declarer forfait / être WO (Walk Out) ...

French Tennis Vocabulary

le tennis tennis: les tennis tennis shoes: le joureur de tennis tennis player: servir to ...

French Tennis Terms - Lawless French Vocabulary

to play (tennis) jouer (au tennis) to put spin (on a ball) donner de l’effet (à une balle) to ...

Must-Know Tennis Terms in French - ThoughtCo

Tennis Serves and Shots. un ace > an ace. un amorti > a drop shot. la balle de service > a service ball. un coup > a stroke. le coup droit > the forehand. la deuxième balle > the second serve. une double faute > a double fault. un effet > a spin. une faute > a fault, error, out. un let > a let.

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Tennis terms & vocabulary in French. Take French lessons online at http://www.language-city.com. #frenchcourse #frenchclass #frenchclasses #frenchlessons #fr...

Tennis Vocabulary in Spanish and French Tennis ...

Tennis Vocabulary in Spanish and French. Tennis – El tenis – Le tennis. Ball – La pelota – La balle. Court – La cancha/pista – Le court. Grass court – La cancha/pista de césped/hierba – Le court de gazon. Clay court – La cancha/pista de arcilla – Le court de terre battue.

How to say tennis in French - WordHippo

tennis ball. tennis court. tennis elbow. tennis match. tennis player. tennis players. Translate to French. tennis. go.

300 French Sports Words ⚽️

French Tennis & Pingpong Words 🎾. My husband Olivier being a big tennis fan, he wrote an ultimate French tennis vocabulary article! However, here are a few common words: Roland Garros – the French Open; Jouer au tennis – to play tennis; Faire du tennis – to play tennis; Un joueur – player; Un arbitre – referee